About Edmonton, Alberta

With a population of about 1.0 million people, the Edmonton metropolitan area is the sixth largest city in Canada and the second largest in Alberta province. Edmonton is located in central Alberta in the western part of Canada.

About Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton Information

City code EDM
Country Canada
Province Alberta
Population 1.0 Million
Pop. density 9,400 / km2
Land area 5,100 km2
Elevation 668 m
Currency Dollar (CAD)
Languages English
Latitude 51.02° N
Longitude 114.03° W

The city of Edmonton was incorporated in 1904 and became the capital of Alberta in 1905. It was originally settled largely as a trading post for the fur trade.

In the mid-1900s, huge oil fields were discovered in Alberta and, like Calgary, this has fueled Edmonton's growth for many years. Oil and petrochemical business still accounts for the lion's share of the cities economic activity. Edmonton's GDP was about $44 Billion.

In addition to the strong oil sector, Edmonton also has quite a bit of other industrial and commercial activity. Companies like IBM, Intuit, Canadian Western Bank, and General Electric, all have operations in the Edmonton area. Agriculture is an important industry in the fertile plains surrounding Edmonton.

Edmonton is located in the flat terrain of the vast Canadian Prairies. At 264 square miles, the city is physically very large and most of it's suburbs are actually within the city limits.

The Northern Saskatchewan River runs through the city and is the most prominent natural feature. In fact, the river valley serves as a huge park right in the middle of the city.

Edmonton has a cold, dry climate. Average summer daily high temperatures are normally in the low 70s °F. Winter daily high temperatures are normally in the high teens (°F). The city receives just 19 inches of precipitation per year.

Demographically, Edmonton is about 72% white with aboriginals and minorities accounting for the rest.

English is the most widely spoken language.

Edmonton is served by Edmonton International Airport (IATA code: YEG).

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